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     Since establishment in July 1959, we have been developed the business mainly on precision press mold design (drawing) production, press processing and precision tool manufacturing in fields such as OA equipment, household appliances, automobiles etc. We have been steadily accumulated the high-precision technology by guidance of all concerned parties. During this period, after repeatedly expanded and kindly responded, at present including the designing and same processing of simplified molds, as well as related assemblies to the business, we have responded to a wide range of requests and trusts from customers.

        In July 1989, with the occasion of founded 30th anniversary, our company name was renewed. In addition, in 1994, with the sharp appreciation of the Japanese yen and overseas expansion of trading companies, we established "Takamori Singapore", as a sales office in Singapore, and established "Takamori Indonesia" in Indonesia and Batam etc as the manufacture factory. In 1999, established "Takamori Hong Kong" as a foothold to enter Chinese market in Hong Kong, two years later started the contract manufacturing in Dongguan area of China, with business expansion moved to the current location in 2005,and we have established a system corresponding to a wide range of the needs for our customers.

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